The experts at Evan-Moor have had their finger on the pulse of the trends, the standards and the unique needs of teachers and their students since 1979.

Our elite educational materials have been both teachers' and students' favorites and we have consistently brought the "fun" back into functional education materials for millions of classrooms.  Teachers can always be confident in Evan-Moor's commitment to developing high quality educational materials that meet, or exceed, the federal and state standards.


Daily 6-Trait Writing

An all-inclusive resource that develops strong, fluent writers. 25 weeks of instruction cover the six traits of writing. Excellent for homeschooling and parents.

From $29.99

Daily Fundamentals

Begin your students' day with cross-curricular practice. The daily 10 to 15 minute lessons provide practice of language, math, and reading skills to support your core curriculum.

From $19.99

Daily Math Practice

10 to 15 minutes of practice each day improves math skills. Home-school connection activities get parents involved, ensuring success. Just 5 math problems each day, and the longer weekly assessment asks students to think critically. Available for Grades 1-6+.

From $22.99

Daily Word Problems

36 weeks of word problems focus on a weekly theme and provide a daily word problem within the context of a real-life situation. At the end of each week, students must incorporate higher-order thinking skills by applying their understanding within a different context.

From $20.99